Name Anglican
Religion group Christian
Religious head King of England
Clergy Priests (Deacon, Bishop, Archbishop, Primate)
Buildings Church, Cathedral

Anglicanism is a Religion of the Christian group.

Features Edit

The Anglican communion is present in the british isles, Oceanian and Subsaharan Africa, as well as iNDIA

Organization Edit

The de iure head is the king of England, de facto each of the autonomous churches is led by a primate (the first in rank Archbishop). The two highest archbishops in England are Canterbury and York

Buildings Edit

  • Church
  • Cathedral

Church Edit

The Church is the standard building for the Anglicans. It encourages piety and conversion. The head of a church is called a Deacon It can be established by the Church (by the Archbishop) or the State (if it has state religion Anglican)

Cathedral Edit

The Cathedral is the center of a Diocese. Any Chruch may be eleavated into Cathedral by the primate

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