Name Arianist
Religion group Christian
Religious head Arianist Papacy
Clergy Priests (Fadar, Metropolitan)
Buildings Kirch,Kasidral,Kloister

Arianism is a Religion of the Chrisitan group.

Features Edit

The Arianist religion is scattered throughout Europe, partially in Krym (Theodoro), partially in Spain and southern France and in Tunisia.

Organization Edit

The religious head is the Arian Pope. The Church is further divided into Deukezas, led by a Metroplitan.Each Deukaza covers one region.

Buildings Edit

  • Kirch
  • Kasidral
  • Kloister

Kirch Edit

The Kirch is the standard building for the Arianists. It encourages piety and conversion. The head of a church is called a Fadar It can be established by the Church (by the Metropolitan) or the State (if it has state religion Arianist)

Kasidral Edit

The Kasidral is the center of a Deukaza. Any Kirch may be eleavated into Kasidral by the Arian Pope

Kloister Edit

The Kloister is a building where Arian teachings are held and preserved. It increases the devoutness in the county where it is.