Capital Erevan
Form of government Unitary Presidential Democracy(Republic)
Provinces 7
Cores 11?
Population 2019
Primary Ethnicity Armenian
Tolerated minorities Kurdish, Russian,Assyrian, Pontic
Accepting ethnicites Kurdish,Russian, Assyrian,Pontic

Armenia is a country bordering Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Artsakh and Iran. Its capital is Erevan.

Armenias natural ally is Russia, and the neighbouring Artsakh province may be quichly integrated into Armenia. It has , however , hostile relations with neighbouring Azerbaijan and an even greater animosity towards Turkey.

Armenias population numbers 2019, with the largest minorities being the Kurds.

Political parties Edit

  1. Hayastani Hanrapetakan Kusaktsutyun
  2. Bargavatch Hayastan kusaktsut’yun
  3. Hay Azgayin Kongres
  4. Orinats’ Yerkir
  5. Dashnaktsutyun

Alternate flags Edit

Republican Edit

The republican flag of Armenia is the standard tricolour


Monarchist Edit

The monarchist flag of Armenia is that of the Bagratid kingdom.


Communist Edit

This flag will be displayed if the country becomes a leftist dictatorship. It used to be the flag of Armenian SSR


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