Name Nestorian
Religion group Christian
Religious head Patriarch of the Church of the East
Clergy Priests (Mar, bishop,metropolitan,Patriarch)
Buildings Monastery, Church, Theological School, Basilica

Nestorian is a Religion of the Chrisitan group. Each priest has the honorific title "Mar"

Features Edit

The Nestorian religion is concentrated in upper Mesopotamia, but also throughout the world

Organization Edit

The religious head is the Patriarch of the church of the East. The Church is further divided into Metropolitanates anddioceses coverring between two to five counties.

Church of the East

Buildings Edit

  • Monastery
  • Church
  • Theological School
  • Basilica

Church Edit

The Church is the standard building for the Nestorians. It encourages piety and conversion. The head of a church is called a Priest It can be established by the Church (by the bishop) or the State (if it has state religion Nestorian)

Basilica Edit

The Basilicca is the center of adiocese. Its leader is a bishop. Elevating a Church to a Cathedral may be done by the Patriarch

Theological School Edit

The Theological school is a building for creating new clergy. Usually there is one for two bishoprics.

Monastery Edit

The Monastry increases devoutness in the county. It is led by a priest.

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