The status of country may be:

  1. Sovereign state- a sovereing state is a country which is recognized de facto and de iure by most of the mebers of the international community. It has generally accepted borders.
  2. De iure state - is country which despite being recognized worldwide has no practical control of its territory. Examplôes include the exiled governmnets of Poland, Czechoslovakia and others during World War 2
  3. .De facto state - is acountry which has effective control over its territory and its borders are generally accepted by some ceasefire, but lacks international recognition. A good example is the Republic of Artsakh.
  4. Breakaway state - an entity proclaimed by insurgent leaders in a civil war. This type of country lasts until a ceasefire is negotiated.

Also subsnational entites are playable and include:

Form of government Edit

Head of State Edit

  • Monarchy
  • Republic
  • Theocracy

Regime Edit

  • Democracy
  • Autocracy
  • Totalitarian

Division of power Edit

  • Presidential
  • Absolute
  • One-party
  • Semi-presidential
  • Constitutional
  • Parliamentary
  • Directorial

Centralization Edit

  • Unitary/centralized
  • Regional/decentralized
  • Federation

Government types Edit

  1. Directorial democracy-(Republic)- Switzerland
  2. Parliamentary democracy(Republic)- Slovakia,Montenegro
  3. Parliamentary democracy (Constitutional monarchy)- Liechtenstein

See also Edit

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