Name Donatist
Religion group Christian
Religious head Donatist Patriarch (Carthage)
Clergy khens (khen,bishop,Patriarch)
Buildings Church,Basilica

Donatist is a Religion of the Christian group.

Features Edit

The Donatist religion can be found as a minority religion in Algeria and Tunisia. The major difference with other branches of Chrisitanity was their strong stance against apostasy.

Organization Edit

The religious head is the Donatist Patriarch. Further the church is divided into dioceses led by a bishop

Buildings Edit

  • Church
  • Basilica

Church Edit

The Church is the standard building for the Donatist. It encourages piety and conversion. The head of a church is called a khn. It can be established by the Church (bishop) or the State (if it has state religion Donatist)

Basilica Edit

The Basilica is the center of a Diocese. Its leader is a Bishop. Elevating a Church to a Basilica may be done by the Donatist Patriarch.