Capital Chur
Form of government Directorial democracy
Provinces 2
Cores 2
Population 196
Primary Ethnicity Schweitzer
Tolerated minorities Romansh, Lombard
Accepting ethnicites Romansh, Lombard

Graubuenden canton is one of the subdivisions of Switzerland. At the start it controls two counties: Grischun and Engadin. It is one of the two cantons of Switzerland to control two ocounties straight from the start (The other being Berne.

Graubuenden may easily become a Romansh state- the first things needed to do is to demolish all Schweitzer schools and universities as well as Schweitzer publishers in Engadinj (this can be done after you change your Primary ethnicity). Soon Engadin will get a Romansh majority. It is then advised to do the same in Grischun.

Alternate flag Edit

Switzerland map

Graubuenden in the southeast corner of switzerland

The alternative black-white-blue flag can be used only if the country is independent and has a presidential republic