Kosmet is a region in southeastern Europe, consisting of four counties:

Demography Edit

The region has a population of 1627. Except the serbian Orthodox Ibarski Kolašin, the remaining counties are Sunni Albanian.

The major ethnic groups are:

  1. Albanian (1380 -82%)
  2. Serbian (248 - 15%)
  3. Bosniak (32-2%)
  4. Roma (11-1%)
  5. Croat (5)
  6. Turkish (1)

The religions are:

  1. Sunni (1238-76%)
  2. Orthodox (246-15%)
  3. Catholic (69-4%)
  4. Secular (40-2%)
  5. Atheist (35-2%)

Cores Edit

Existent Edit

De facto states Edit

As provinces Edit

Neighbours Edit

Non-existent Edit

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