Capital Vaduz
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Democracy ( Constitutional Monarchy)
Provinces 1
Subdivisions -
Population 35
Primary Ethnicity Swabian
Tolerated minorities
Accepting ethnicites Lombard

Liechtenstein is OPM bordering Switzerland and Austria

Demography Edit


  • Swabian (30)
  • Albanian 2
  • Lomabard 2
  • Serbian 1


  • Catholic 27
  • Secular 4
  • Calvinist2
  • Sunni 2

Politics Edit

  • Executive: Prince: Hans Adam II:
  • Legislative: Landtag (25)

Poliitcal parties

  • Fortschrittliche buergerpartei (national-conservative, right-wing)
  • Vaeterlandische Union (Chrisitan democratic, center-right)
  • Die Unabhaengigen (random people)
  • Freie Liste (social democracy, green politics. center-left)

Alternate flagsEdit

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