Mafia group
Recruited by Criminal organization
Type civilian, hidden
Number 1000
Visibility 3
Mobility 4
Morale 4
Shock 6
Discipline 3
Recruitment time 1 month

Mafia groups are recruited by Criminal organizations

Protection feesEdit

Mafia groups may assault a building and demand protection "taxes" which make the income of the group. Such assaults increase visibility but by assaulting a building the org. gets +2% influence in the county.

They also "fraud" money.

War between gangsEdit

Wars between two criminal organizations are fought by  "Vendetta assaults".  Each day the one mafia makes a vendetta assault. Chance of vendetta = enemy mafia group/pop*10*visibility.

Corrupting officialsEdit

The group may corrupt any unit (most importantly) Police forces. Each 10 Ducats will make sure the Police wont be searching for them per month