Capital Podgorica
Form of government Centralized parliamentary democracy (republic)
Provinces 6
Cores 7
Population 633
Primary Ethnicity Serbian
Religion Secular
Tolerated minorities Albanian, Bosniak, Roma, Croat
Accepting ethnicites Bosniak, Roma ,Albanian

Montenegro spans over the Crna Gora region

Demography Edit

The major ethnic groups.

  1. Serbian (492-78%)
  2. Albanian (68-11%)
  3. Bosniak (55-9%)
  4. Dalmatian (12-2%)
  5. Croat (4-1%)
  6. Roma (2)

The religious structure is:

  1. Orthodox (464-72%)
  2. Sunni (92-15%)
  3. Catholic (43-7%)
  4. Secular (26-4%)
  5. Atheist (6-1%)

Politics Edit

Legislative: Skupština Crne Gore (81 seats)

Executive: government, president

Political parties:

  • Liberalna partija Crne Gore (LP CG) - Andrija Popović
  • Bošnjačka stranka (BS) - Amer Halilović
  • Demokratska partija socijalista Crne Gore (DPS CG) - Milo Đukanović
  • Nova srpska demokratija (NSD / NOVA) - Andrija Mandić
  • Pozitivna Crna Gora (PCG) - Darko Pajović
  • Pokret za promjene (PzP) - Nebojša Medojević
  • Socijaldemokratska partija Crne Gore (SDP CG) - Ranko Krivokapić
  • Socijalistička narodna partija Crne Gore (SNP CG) - Srđan Milić
  • Hrvatska građanska inicijatica (HGI) - Marija Vučinović
  • Ujedinjena Reformska Akcija (URA) - Žarko Rakčević
  • Demokratska narodna partija Crne Gore (DNP) - Milan Knežević

Forming Montenegro Edit

To form Montengro it is needed to have srbian culute and own the county of Brda.

Alternate flags Edit

Clerical Edit


This flag will be displayed if the country is a theocracy and has Orthodox or Catholic as its state religion.

Monarchist Edit

This flag will be displyed if the country is monarchy.


Socialist Edit

This flag will be displayed if the country has state religion Atheist and the main ideology is socialist or communist.


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