Name Catholic
Religion group Christian
Religious head Papacy (Vatican)
Clergy Priests (Deacon,Bishop, Cardinal, Pope
Buildings Abbey,Church,Cathederal,Seminary

Catholic is a Religion of the Chrisitan group.

Features Edit

The Catholic religion is predominant in Latin America and southern Europe.

Organization Edit

The religious head is the Pope having seat in Vatican. Some 2 or 3 counties make a Bishophric led by a Bishop. Some Bishops become cardinals who elect the Pope amongst them.

Buildings Edit

  • Church
  • Cathedral
  • Seminary
  • Abbey

Church Edit

The Church is the standard building for the Catholics. It encourages piety and conversion. TThe head of a church is called a Deacon. It can be established by the Church (by the Bishop) or the State (if it has satate religion Catholic)

Cathedral Edit

The Cathedral is the center of a Bishopric. Its leader is a Bishop. Elevating a Church to a Cathedral may be done by the Papacy (Pope or Cardinals)

Seminary Edit

The seminary is a building for creating new clergy. Usually there is one for two bishoprics.

Abbey Edit

The Abbey increases devoutness in the county. It is led by an Abbot. It may be established by a Bishop.