Capital Bratislava
Form of government Centralized Parliamentary Democracy (Republic)
Provinces 16
Subdivisions -
Population 5459
Primary Ethnicity Slovak
Tolerated minorities Hungarian,Rusyn
Accepting ethnicites Rusyn

Slovakia is a country borderring HungaryAustriaCzech RepublicPoland and Ukraine. At the start it controls 16 provinces (14 of which are Catholic, 1 Uniate and 1 Lutheran).

The largest minority are Hungarians, followed by Roma (who are territorially dispersed) and Rusyns (concentrate in Beskydy.

Slovakia may form Czechoslovakia, and has cores over Karpatsko.Watch out for a Hungarian uprising which may result in secession of Felvidek

Demography Edit

The country has a population of 5459. The predominant ethnicity is Slovak, while minorites of Hungarians and Rusyns are found in the counties of Komanro and Beskydy respectivelly.. Within Slovensko, the largest ethnic groups are:

  1. Slovaks (4724,86%)
  2. Hungarians (462, 8%)- along southern border
  3. Roma (153, 3%)-
  4. Rusyn (99, 2%)
  5. Germans (42, 1%)- form in fact two ethnicities: Saxons (32) and Austrians (10)
  6. Ashkenaz (8)
  7. Croats (6)
SVK population

The region is predominantly Catholic, with Gemer being Lutheran and Beskydy Uniate. The religions are as follows:

  1. Catholic (4153, 76%)
  2. Lutheran (439, 8%)
  3. Uniate (317, 6%)
  4. Calvinist (174, 3%)
  5. Atheist (165, 3%)
  6. Secular (169, 3%)
  7. Orthodox (90, 2%)
  8. Judaism (8, 0%)
SVK relgion

Politics Edit

Slovakia is Centralized Parliamentary Democracy (republic)

  • Executive: Government of Slovak Republic
  • Representative: President of Slovakia
  • Legislative:National Council of Slovak Republic (150 seats)

Political parties:

  • SMER-SD Centre-left, social demoracy
  • KDH - right, Christian democracy,
  • Sieť - modern right wing.
  • Most-Híd -Hungarians
  • SaS -eurosceptic, liberla
  • OLANO- independent candidatesw
  • SNS- nationalism

Divisions Edit

Slovakia is divided into administrative regions:

  • Bratislava
  • Trnava
  • Nitra
  • Trenčín
  • Žilina
  • Banská Bystriaca
  • Prešov
  • Košice
Slovakia regions

Economy Edit


  • 1st Mechanized brigade- Nitra
  • 2nd Mechanized brigade- Saris
SVK resources

Forming Slovakia Edit

If Slovakia ceases to exist, it is possible to form Slovakia if:

Alternate flagsEdit

Slovakia also has 4 more alternate flags, depending on form of government:


The republican flag is the standard flag. It is a white-blue-red tricolour with the Slovak emblem-White double -cross upon blue three hills with red background.It is the standard version of the Slovak flag.(Any other form of government not listed below will use this flag).


The clerical version of the flag is similar to the republican flag but instead of classic coat of arms it has a sheep on green hills carrying the double-cross.This flag will be used if the governmennt is
  • A theocracy
  • Has a religion from the "Christian" group as its state religion.


The monarchic flag of Slovakia is a yellow-pink-green tricolour.It is displayed if the government of Slovakia is monarchy.This flag may also be used if the country is a conservative autocracy/fascist state/dictatorship



The communist flag of Slovakia is composed of the classic tricolour but the coat of arms has the "Vatra" displayed on it.It will also be used if at least 2 of the following is true:

  • State religion:Atheist
  • Form of government: Communist/Leftist dictatorship
  • Ideology: Marxism
  • Status: Insurgency