Capital Ljubljana
Form of government Centralized Parliamentary Democracy (Republic)
Provinces 9
Subdivisions -
Population 1921
Primary Ethnicity Slovene
Tolerated minorities Hungarian,Venetian
Accepting ethnicites Bosniak, Serbian

Slovenia is a country borderring Hungary, Austria, Croatia and Italy At the start it controls 9 provinces.

The country is ethnically homogenous, with a louder Venetian minoritzy in Kras

In case external actors destroy Slovenia, there is a number of possible Slovene states. Gorizia, Carniola and Prekmuria

Demography Edit

The country has a population of 1921. The ethnci groups are as follows:

  1. Slovene (1695 -88%)
  2. Bosniak (58-3%)
  3. Serbian (47-2%)
  4. Croat (44-2%)
  5. Venetian (38-2%)
  6. Austrian (31-2%)
  7. Hungarian-4

The region is predominantly Catholic. The religions are as follows:

  1. Catholic (1566, 82%)
  2. Secular (174-9%)
  3. Sunni (58-3%)
  4. Atheist (43-2%)
  5. Lutheran (41-2%)
  6. Orthodox (21-1%)
  7. Rodnover -7
  8. Judaism -1

Politics Edit

Slovakia is Centralized Parliamentary Democracy (republic)

  • Executive: Government ofSlovenia
  • Representative: President of Slovakia
  • Legislative:Državni zbor (90 seats)

Political parties:

  • Pozitivna Slovenija
  • Slovenska Demokratska Stranka
  • Državljanska lista
  • Demokratska stranka upokojencev
  • Nova Slovenija Krščanska Ljudska Stranka

Divisions Edit

Slovenia is a highly centralised state with no admidivisions

Economy Edit


Forming Slovakia Edit

If Slovenia ceases to exist, it is possible to form Slovenia if:

Alternate flagsEdit

Standart flag Edit

This is the standard flag of Slovenia. It is a white-blue-red tricolour charged with the Slovenian national coat of amrs.


Communist Edit

The communist version of the flag is similar to the standard but instead of the coa it has the 5-pointed star. This version will be displayed if at least 2 of the following is true:

  • State religion: Atheist
  • Form of government: Communist/leftist dictatorship
  • Ideology: Marxism
  • Status: insurgency

Home Gurad flag Edit

This flag is the Flag of the Slovene Home Guard. It will be displayed if at least 2 of the following are true:

  • Ideology is extreme-right
  • Alliance with Germany
  • Slovenia is formed by Carniola
  • Slovenia is a province of Germany
  • Form of government is not democracy

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