Capital Bern
Form of government Federal Directorial Democracy (Republic)
Provinces 16
Subdivisions 14 cantons
Population 8248
Primary Ethnicity Schweitzer
Tolerated minorities Arpetan, Lomard,Romansh
Accepting ethnicites Arpetan,Lombard,Romansh

Switzerland is a country borderring France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy At the start it controls 16 provinces (10 of which are Catholic,and 6 Calvinist).

The largest minority are Arpetans, followed by Lombards. The Romansh are a significant minority in the Graubuenden canton.

Demography Edit

The country has a population of 8248. The predominant ethnicity is Schweitzer, while Arpetans are found in the western part of the country (Geneva,Vaud,Friburg,Jura) and Lomards in Tessin. Also watch out for the various immigrant groups dispersed throughout the country

Within Switzerland, the largest ethnic groups are:

  1. Schweitzer (4888,61%)
  2. Arpetans (1603, 20%)- western part
  3. Lombard (636,8%)-Ticino
  4. Swabians (362, 5%)-mainly in Basel
  5. Serbs (162, 2%)
  6. Albanians (142, 2%)
  7. Portuguese (119, 1%)
  8. Romansh (65, 1%)
  9. Beduin (63, 1%)

The country is almost half -to -half divded between Catholic and Calvinist, while holding significant minorities The religions are as follows:

  1. Catholic (3293, 40%)
  2. Calvinist (2496, 30%)
  3. Switzerlandpopulation
    Secular (1240, 15%)
  4. Atheist (593, 7%)
  5. Sunni (238, 3%)
  6. Lutheran (163, 2%)
  7. Orthodox (128, 2%)
  8. Buddhist 25
  9. Hindu 22
  10. Jewish 13

Politics Edit

Switzerland is Federal Directorial Democracy (Republic)

  • Executive: Swiss Federal Council (7 members, )
  • Representative: President -(1year, elected amongst Executive)
  • Legislative
    • National Counci l (200 seats, 4years)
    • Council of states (26 members, 4years)

Political parties:

  • Scweizerische Volkspartei (Far-right, National Conservatism)
  • Sozialdemokratische Partei (Left,Social democracy)
  • FDP die Liberalenc (Right, Classic liberalism)
  • Christlichdemokratische volkspartei (Center-Right,Christian democracy)
  • Gruene(,centerleft,Green ploitics)
  • Gruenliberale (centre,green liberalims)
  • BuergerlichDemokratische Partei (

Subdivisions Edit

Polically the country is divided into 14 cantons:

Switzerland map

Military Edit

Infantry divisions Edit

For stats see:Infantry division

Armoured divisions Edit

For stats see Armoured division

  • 1st Armoured division - Vaud
  • 11th Armoured division - Zurich

Alternate flagsEdit

Switzerland has only one alternate flag: This flag will be shown if Switzerland becomes both a secular and unitary state.


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