See: Units.

Military warfareEdit

Each military units have a number of points. These are idivided into aspects:

  1. Attack- either I, C,A, T
  2. Defense
    1. DI (Defense against Infantry attack)
    2. DC (Defense against Cavalry attack)
    3. DA (Defense against Artillery attack)
    4. DT (Defense against Armoured attack)
  3. Mobility (how fast the unit can move)
  4. Morale (how much is the unit willing to fight)
  5. Shock (how much the enemy is surprised)
  6. Discipline

State armed forces, militias and insurgents always engage in military warfare when they are in a province. However, guerillas and partisans may choose to fight or hide and not engage.

Civilian warfareEdit

Civilian warfare is more complicated.

Ministry of Interior forces may engage also in military warfare.

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